As you live through the days and years of your life, you are continually experiencing emotions of one sort
or another. Life can be difficult and emotions can sometimes feel overwhelming. All of us experience negative emotional extremes at times. Most of us would rather forget some of these challenges, but unfortunately, the influence of these events can stay with us in the form of trapped emotions.

Sometimes, for reasons that we do not yet understand, emotions do not process completely. In these cases, instead of simply experiencing the emotion and then moving on, the energy of the emotion somehow
becomes "trapped" within the physical body. So instead of moving beyond your angry moment, or a temporary bout with grief or depression, this negative emotional energy can remain within your body, potentially causing significant physical and emotional stress. Most people are amazed to find out that their "emotional baggage" is more literal than they had imagined. Trapped emotions actually consist of welldefined energies that have a shape and form. Although they are not visible, they are very real.

Here is a list of circumstances that often result in trapped emotions:
• Loss of a loved one
• Divorce or relationship problems
• Financial hardship
• Home or work stress
• Miscarriage or Abortion
• Physical trauma
• Physical or Emotional Combat
• Physical, mental, verbal or sexual abuse
• Negative self-talk
• Negative beliefs about yourself or others
• Physical illness