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Hi Irene,

Before we began our sessions I had been on anti-depressants (Celexa, Prozac) for almost three years and suffering from depression since my late teens. Since we began our sessions I have noticed a huge change in not only myself but also others around me! I no longer feel my symptoms of depression or anxiety. Because of your help, I successfully tapered off of my medication in just three weeks. I had a couple of different doctors tell me how difficult it would be to stop the medication but with your help it’s been a comfortable and easy process.

I feel like a new person! I’m more relaxed at work, at home and I feel healthier in general. I am so grateful to have met you. Thank you for all of your help!!




Hi Irene,
I've had psoriasis for nearly 2 years now. The constant burning pain to my foot was getting unbearable. But ever since your husband and my friend introduce me to you and your serenityplus and I couldn't be more grateful. It's been almost a month since our first session and I'm AMAZED. Irene, after the first two sessions, the pain in my foot has just disappeared. I couldn't ever imagine how your technique would work, but it did. And what so great about it is, are the quick results it had. I don't even need to buy expensive prescriptions drugs anymore. You sure opened up my mind. I thank you so much.
I'm including my before and after shots of my psoriasis. You have to see what your work has done for me and my foot.

Thank you again and see you soon at our "Heart-Wall" sessions.


Before my sessionAfter my sessions

Pain in the hip

Dear Irene,

Since you started using The Emotion Code, you've "practiced" many hours on me and my family, including the dog. Not only did you solve many underlying issues for all of us, you also raised all of our energetic levels, so that everything in our lives became easier and within reach.
Our latest session focused on the pain in my right hip, which has been there for a couple of months. Although I did many things to relieve the pain, the underlying reasons were never taken care off until last night. This morning I woke up without pain and the pain level during the day didn't come close to what I've experienced before. I'm sure the pain will be completely gone soon.
I'm very thankful and grateful to be able to call you my friend.


Breathing problems

Hello Irene,

I just want to say thanks for all your help in clearing my chest area. I was having a hard time breathing when I had anxiety mixed with a sense of urgency. It seemed all of my emotion was collecting in my upper chest area thus chocking off my air flow. Your focus in this area cleared up the blockage allowing my regular breathing to return.

Thanks again Irene

Great work!


Very timid and shy dog

Dear Irene,

Just a note to say how much you have helped our small dog Maya. As you know Maya was very timid and shy. You worked on Maya and said she had a tramatic situation when she was around 4 years old.
You were able to clear this blockage and now she has more energy is outgoing like a happy little pup.

Thank you,


Financial frustration

Emotion Code sessions are not just for aches and pains. My presenting issue would be best described as "financial frustration". I was feeling so blessed in my faith, marriage, health, and reputation, and yet so  frustrated and blocked in terms of meaningful work and income.

Irene took me through a session with the Emotion Code and I was impressed with her close-but-discrete approach as some of the  root issues she uncovered ran pretty deep.

My circumstances began to shift immediately with prospects and offers shaking loose over the next couple of weeks. I have no doubt that the resolution of some internalized emotions around work, success and how I treat opportunities changed, and how I behave toward them, but it also seems to me that pent-up external changes were also freed up in a kind of knock-on effect.

David Hicks, Branding Consultant and Freelance Writer

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